Dayton Stem School

When the Dayton Regional STEM School had out grown its current facility an expansion was planned. The adjacent retail space offered the needed square footage for the project. The design build project was awarded to Messer Construction. The conversion of the space was to be completed prior to the August 14, 2013 first day of school. The first order of business was the selective demolition of the space. This work was undertaken by several specialty contractors.

Millwright Industrial Services was contracted to remove obsolete mechanical equipment from the building. MIS met with the Messer Safety Manager and outlined the procedures and safety precautions to be taken. Four air handling units were to be removed from roof truss system. Three of the units were relatively simple to lower and dispose of. The forth was a bit more challenging, the main electrical supply for the area was supported by the AHU’s framework. Working with the electrical contractor MIS was able to support the conduit and lower the AHU without incident.

Local Brewery

We were asked to quote the turnkey installation of a new bottling line, they needed an experienced machinery and conveyor installation, contractor. Millwright Industrial Services brought fifteen plus years of working at the brewery to the project. MIS partnered with them to win the contract. The scope of work included:

  • Installation of the complete bottle line machinery and conveyors.
  • Structural reinforcement of the roof truss system.
  • Fabrication and installation of support steel and mezzanine.
  • General construction of the new truck dock.
  • Installation of dock levelers and overhead doors.

MIS managed and supervised their portion of the installation. The project was completed on schedule and all work was performed in the safest manner. The bottling company and MIS are actively perusing future work to partner on together.


Maintenance Support

When AluChem didn’t have the manpower to rebuild an aging ball mill, Millwright Industrial Services provided an option. MIS was already providing supplemental maintenance support by providing a full-time millwright to assisting maintenance personnel. Additional manpower was dispatched to perform the rebuild. The project was completed and our workers were transferred to their next project.

Capital Improvement

AluChem’s plan for growth required additional space for new equipment. The space to be used was an area occupied by obsolete equipment. Millwright Industrial Services was able to work with our subcontractors to minimize the out of pocket cost to the owner for this work. The area was cleared, the old equipment recycled and another problem solved.